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Preventia Wellness is focused to promote entire well- being of a nation, through social and personal well-being. The concept, wellness life is connected with numerous numbers of wellness variants. We prefer to see the entire wellness through a mental health oriented approach and the result to be reflected in Health, Wellness and Resources of a person, society and nation.

Stress and its reflections are the major remarkable drawbacks for the lack of wellness. Our continuous social studies for a decade, is the base of our projects and services for Preventia Wellness.

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The Concept- Wellness India Project

The International studies on stress points out the effect from personal depression, family issues till supportive factors of terrorism. The various levels of de-stress can negatively affect the national economy.

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Women empowerment

Micro and Financial Wellness

Digital Wellness



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Their successful career Social acceptance, Good education , Excellent behavior, Sharp in life...
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What 'Nucleo' can do in your success and long-term achievement?

Stress management in sports competition means how someone copes, controls and reduces the occurrence of the negative conflict of stress. The main sources of stress are the hopes of the athlete; what he hopes to achieve or win in the competition; the fear of failure, anger, frustration, injury, discomfort which he would like to avoid. Other stressful situation includes crow's demand, muscular tension, over motivation and inability to cope with sensory information. When these problems continue, there is a tendency in the human cognitive process to break down tiredness, or even damage to the body's immunity system that can result in the mental failure.


Industrial wellness and wellbeing is directly connected with the productivity of the company and the total economy of the country. The staff also can be categorized under various sectors and their issues vary from one to other. All socially committed industries are equally bothered about the productivity and the health of their staff. The proper health or strength is an integration of mind-body communication. Our industrial wellness project is developed on Psychobiology based on Practical Psychology and addresses the impact of stress, strain and its impacts in psycho logical and physiological fitness.


Social aspect training for

First Aid


Roadside Assistance


Fire & Safety


Therapeutic sector


Industrial & Organisational sector


Geriatric sector and more...



For the experienceable result, beyond a seminar or class, we utilise the affective integrative specialisation of - "Practical Psychology", of Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapy (BPM Therapy). For an efficient experience, this method integrates, psychology, psychological counseling and assessments, stimulation therapy in reflex points, plant based soothing agents in external points, audio-visual programs for relaxation and concentration improvement, music and sound energy management sessions, movement therapy etc.

The classification Trinity

1. Wellness Project

We have specially designed programs for various stress and strain related issues based on mental health management.





2. Wellness products

Special proprietary products designed for our wellness programs are suitable to reduce the stress and strain without internal medications. Our products are plant based and for external use. It is available online through

3. Courses & certifications

We provides international standard certification (UKIQ) for different wellness courses.





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