360 degree lifestyle modulation

HYGEIA of Preventia Wellness offers a health package which covers all segments of life.
It is an integration of
Psychological sectors of our life

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Where to start?

HYGEIA of Preventia Wellness offers a health package which covers all segments of life.

We offer all our facilities like, doctors, nutritionists, ayurveda, psychologists, counsellors and fitness trainers for your individual benefits.

Pain and circulatory care, various counselling programs, psychological supports, metabolic specialisation, sports category fitness support, ayurvedic support, Yoga therapies and much more are available at HYGEIA centre.

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What you get?

Mainly our centre focuses on, Rehabilitation supports
  • Neuro rehab
  • Early detection and cure from addictions
  • Detoxifications
  • Anti-depression therapies
  • Anxiety, anger and cognitive therapies
  • Pain & circulatory care
  • Support for Lifestyle disorders

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A Personal care program

This is the unique point of Hygeia lifestyle, to offer prevention and cure for your life. We all spend plenty of time and money for various diagnoses for health issues or to understand our present conditions.

What Hygeia does?

Hygeia can offer METABOLIC REBOOT through two different steps.

1. Metabolic Screening

2. Lifestyle Modulation programs

Metabolic Screening

Hygeia offers metabolic screening program to guide your life into a safe sector with preventive & health care thoughts.

Blood and body vital parameters are inter connective in our life. A healthy life is a composition of this inter communicative network. Wherever the equilibrium breaks, or shows mismatch, we can guess there is a problem, or an indication of a health issue in future.


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Our team provides, a comprehensive report, after compiling the scientific data based on a set of blood tests, urine tests, vision tests and vital tests. The compiled report includes the remarks from our psychologists, counsellors and fitness trainers to get an idea about your memory and brain sharpening, cognitive efficiencies, EQ, CQ and physical fitness as per the circulatory system and joint flexibility.


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The final comprehensive screening report means,
  • An overview of present conditions
  • An insight towards the lack of metabolic equilibrium
  • Cardiac and cancer parameters
  • Deficiencies and possibilities of future health issues
  • Efficiency in performance, remove mental fog and mental fitness

You can Prevent & largely reverse lifestyle diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension, Stroke, Cardiac issues, Cancer, etc...


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It is deeper

Hygeia metabolic screening and its comprehensive health report is deeper than any single pathological tests. After an age of 30 - 35, regular health monitoring, consultation, exercises anddiet is good for preventive care and a long healthy life. Yearly once or twice such comprehensive screening reports can make your life perfect and healthy.

Once we believed that the regular health check-up is necessary only after 50s or 60s of age. But now a days the new generation is aware and conscious about their health and the situation compels us to do the check-ups from 30 -35 age for the prevention of memory issues and preventive early aging.


The reports can bring you to a specialist consultant

or you can turn your life through a lifestyle modification process.

It may be a small diet plan...
Exercise and fitness programs...
Behavioral training...
Soft skill training...
Brain gym for memory related issues...
Ayurvedic treatments...

Lifestyle Modification in Metabolic Reboot

In the part of Prevention and cure, our team can help to Reboot your metabolic issues and lifestyle disorders.


The client can come to our Hygeia day care centre, for short time programs and guidelines.


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Farm Stay

Our in house lifestyle training centre will provide a 360 degree lifestyle program as per the personalized observations and our screening report.

As a part of Lifestyle, Hygeia provides,
  • Stay in a Non-polluted, Non-alcoholic zone
  • Double occupancies and dormitories
  • Mini gym for fitness practice
  • Diet food
  • Yoga training (Optional)
  • Ayurvedic Wellness (Optional)
  • Psychological assessments and mental toughness programs
  • Personal counselling
  • Metabolic Reverse programs
  • Detoxification programs
  • Circulatory improvement programs using stimulation therapies
  • Reflexology
  • Stress Management
  • Therapeutic support
  • Cognitive trainings (optional)
  • Brain gym
  • Soft skills and Delivery skill (Optional)


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