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A Unique signature concept from

         'The Preventia Group'.

Quiet the mind and the Soul will speak.......


" In the end only three things matter...

              How much you loved..

              How gently you lived...             &

              How gracefully you let go of things not meant for you"



                                                                                                        Goutham Budha

An Enchanting Personality ......    Healthy life style ...


Sharp Memory ............         Spontaneous reactions......     Emotional stability.....


Energetic physique......         Sound Sleep .......                      Healthy beauty ..........


Detoxified blood .........          Keep distance from anti-depressants .....  Eye & vision care.... 


Relief from general Aches & pains ...... Life style management ... 

Love, Care & Bare:


   Our 5 zone over view for entire wellbeing...


1. Entire personality and Individuality zone .........through the co-ordination of  ....

2. Physical stress and strain relief & wellbeing

3. Energy body 

4. Mind & Reflections

5. Intellect & consciousness... 

Preventia wellness provides integrated approaches to get maximum result and satisfaction, based on the developments under interventional Ayurvedic studies and heritage Indian healhtcare approaches.  This is one of the largest combined system in wellness without any internal medication.  We compile modern and ancient sciences to build-up a stress free society through our wellness approaches.


We believe Real Personality and individuality can be develop only through Self-Realization and self-empowerment practices. This will give more strength to handle the situations and perfect health and confidence.  Maxiumum productivity  to the society through relaxed personal & social atmosphere is our motto.




Stress and sleep lab is a necessary concept for the modern world. Our inventional stress & sleep lab, developed a non-mechanical and chemical free method to provide better productivty for a person through a stress free relaxed sleep.

POISE introduces stress & sleep lab concept in all major cities of India with practical psychology approach of BPM Therapy

Various forms of sleep disorders and insomnia are common in modern life style.  Stress is the main reason for this condition.  Sleep related issues can make immense stress for a person and his/her immediate circle.


Related with Oxygeneration and metabolism issues people are facing various sleep disorder issues these days.

The Preventia Stress & Sleep lab can handle more than 58 varities of sleep and related stress conditions to save their personal and professional life.


The successful history of our stress & sleep care saved more than 1000 productive lives from their sleep related disorders.


Stress free India Project covers two major parts of life.

1.  Stress in Education & Campus

2. Stress in Organizations & work places




India has unique signature on its beauty and culture. Our different weather zones and diversified cultural patterns can offer a loving & peaceful mindset for our guests.


Preventia Wellness wishes to provide a special wellness pattern with our heritage programs and non-medical wellness packages.

This is a home to home project for our guests including Ticketing, visa, domestic travel and accommodation with our specific wellness programs.


Duration:    21, 45 & 90 days packages.

Locations:   10 famous locations from Kerala, Karnataka, Goa, banks of Ganga and Himalaya and Mumbai


Programs:  Special relaxation programs, Various yoga programs, Music relaxation sessions and Ayurvedic support.


Cultural assistance:  The chance to observe and understand our cultural & folklore programs.


Reg. office:  A-1, Jay chambers, Nandapatkar road, Vileparle east, Mumbai   

022 26188080

E-mail: wellness@thepreventia.com

Admin Office:  Preventia House, Near Gubbi cross, Hennur - Begaloru road, Bangalore -77